Team Building

What the customer wanted

Day 1: Awards

Celebrating moment of the oldest employees with an interaction during the final 30 minutes of the live broadcast of the strategic direction session.
Schedule: 11h-11h30
500 people 3 awarded

Day 2: Happy Hour

Provide a differentiated interactive networking experience for the Allied team, customers and partners at the end of the business meeting.
Light, fluid and relaxed atmosphere.
250 people

What we delivered

We connected Allied with Empreenda Aí, a business school in the periphery. During the event, we raised money to train 30 young people in a digital empowerment course for entrepreneurs in the periphery. We made an interactive award with the delivery of 3D trophies inspired by Oscars, we set up an unprecedented networking experience with purpose and an emotional connection between Allied employees and customers, in a light, fluid and relaxed environment with guided art tour, virtual rides and United VJs.

Depoimento de Davi Oliveira sobre a Blend Inspire
“The travel equation, with virtual rides, art and social contribution gives an incredible blend! I felt fulfilled with the event.”

- Davi Oliveira - Executive Commercial Director | Allied Brasil

Depoimento de Jennifer Rodrigues e Luis Coelho sobre a Blend Inspire
"A light, relaxed and energetic event. We consider it an innovation in the corporate events market and above all because it involves the social aspect, making employees aware of the power of changes they can promote. Blend Inspire proved to be very engaged in generating positive social impact and opening doors to prosperous partnerships."

- Jennifer Rodrigues and Luis Coelho | Social Business Empreende Aí

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