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The Blend network is made of more than 100 individuals experts in 13 disciplines

Architecture & Design, Music & Entertainment, Art & Culture, Business & Entrepreneurship, Cinema & Photography, Fashion & Lifestyle, Future&Tech, Gastronomy & Mixology, Music & Entertainment, Personal Empowerment, Positive Impact, Sports, Sustainability, Wellness

Besides individual or collective mentoring they act for your company in events, talks or product co-creation. Find out below our range of services

Get closer to your customer by creating value!

- Build customers & partners loyalty
- Products' release
- Brand repositioning
- Relationships

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Your employees matter!

- Team building
- Leadership dynamics
- Celebration of goal achievement
- Company's anniversary

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Do you want to work on your values ​​in the long term with a specific target audience?

- Reinforcement of values
- Creation of an internal culture
- Promote integration between new teams
- Launch or expand CSR programs - Corporate Social Responsibility
- Loyalty of target audience

Who has never felt frustrated after an event for not connecting with the person they wanted?

The experiences we develop are a starting point for various connections. Through a white label networking platform, you will connect your company to your target audience in a unique way, with added value, and provide real networking (either B to B or B to C).

Needing to oxygenate your company's network?

We map the right people for you to achieve your business goals. Thanks to an international network of curators, we create artistic, social and environmental collabs.
Increase your corporate network with our connections!

- Platform for connections between companies and social, artistic and environmental agents
- Understanding of purpose and objectives
- Business scope


We spread your company culture in a unique way identifying artists, performers and social projects, our shakers that convey your company's values.
Some companies that already did this Blend.


They have already created a unique way to say
"WE CARE" to their client or their team with Blend
Depoimento de Juliana Oliveira sobre o Blend Inspire

“The Blend Inspire experience is much more than an online event. It is a perfect combination of relevant content, art, music and NGOs to enhance the audience's experience and humanize the message we need to communicate, with many surprises on the agenda in a totally different way than you have already experienced. It's a unique way to really connect people to your business. In the case of Nestlé, we first connected health professionals, the press, influencers, government and teachers to discuss the eating habits of Brazilian children and the use of technology. At the end, we did the Nestlé Award ceremony for Healthier Children, recognizing the 10 winning schools and their teachers."

Juliana Oliveira
Depoimento de Katy Zambotto sobre o Blend Inspire

"Blend found a light way, in times of social isolation, to promote an experience in the most human way and will certainly dictate the beauty of digital experiences."

Katy Zambotto
HR Manager at Natura
Depoimento de Carlos Alves sobre o Blend Inspire

"The Blend Inspire experience was unique ... we made a big surprise for all the technology leaders at Riachuelo, Midway and Guararapes and it was a fantastic Friday. I think that all this moment of social distance for teams or tribes in technology brought additional suffering and a much greater intensity of work ... being able to talk about culture, life, music and the lightness of a conversation between friends helps to shorten the distances and to look at the purposes that each one served in this journey ... it was really cool !!"

Carlos Alves
Executive Director Technology Lojas Riachuelo
Depoimento de Sergio Fontenelle sobre o Blend Inspire

"Spectacular event, designed with all the necessary care to surprise and engage! In a time of so much uncertainty and turbulence, we managed to create an environment of support, solidarity, inclusion and celebration."

Sergio Fontenelle Marques
Tax Managing Partner, EY Brazil
Depoimento de Elodie Levrel sobre o Blend Inspire

“Blend helped us to organize a series of new events for our customers and partners. They allowed us to (re) connect with them during this period of work at home and share a unique experience and memories with our VIP customers. Thanks to Blend's brilliant ideas, work and high energy, the events generated an image of Broadpeak as a very innovative company! An excellent new mix of business, art, philanthropy. Thank you Blend Inspire!”

Elodie Levrel
Communication Director - Broadpeak
Depoimento de Davi Oliveira sobre o Blend Inspire

“The travel equation, with virtual rides, art and social contribution gives an incredible blend! I felt fulfilled with the event.”

Davi Oliveira
Executive Commercial Director - Allied Brasil
Depoimento de Simão Filippe sobre o Blend Inspire

"Thank you very much, Nadia and the entire Blend team. In addition to a fantastic experience, we had financial support that will be essential for Route Brasil. Merci!"

Simão Filippe
Route Brasil
Depoimento de Ini Uko sobre o Blend Inspire

“Blend Inspire took an opportunity in the virtual space to bring together, in an invigorating way, many people in different time zones. When it comes to creative and social functions, Blend always comes to mind, for its dedication to finding unique art and designing efficient collaboration.”

Ini Uko
Sommelier Grand Mandarin Oriental NYC
Depoimento de Jennifer Rodrigues e Luis Coelho sobre o Blend Inspire

"A light, relaxed and energetic event. We consider it an innovation in the corporate events market and above all because it involves the social aspect, making employees aware of the power of changes they can promote. Blend Inspire proved to be very engaged in generating positive social impact and opening doors to prosperous partnerships.”

Jennifer Rodrigues and Luis Coelho
Empreende Aí Social Business
Depoimento de Rodrigo Baggio sobre o Blend Inspire

"The event was a success! The format gave us the possibility to meet artists, new partners and tell a little more about Recode's mission and our projects. It was exciting to see the participants' engagement with the stories of our young people and their enthusiasm with social transformation! It's always a wonderful experience to be able to connect with more people who want to make a difference in the world."

Rodrigo Baggio
CEO NGO Recode
Depoimento de Marcelo Godinho sobre o Blend Inspire

"Connection, emotion and joy. All of this you find flowing with Blend!"

Marcelo Godinho
People Advisory Services
Depoimento de Karina Rondan sobre o Blend Inspire

"The organization of the event was impeccable, from the understanding of the briefing to the final delivery. Super interesting attractions, integrated even with different themes. The production team of the event was always pleasant, with goodwill and positive energy. It provided a wonderful evening of integration with our team."

Karina Rondan
R&D Innovation, Riachuelo and Midway
Depoimento de Juliana Frigo sobre o Blend Inspire

"Many people were hired during the pandemic. We have been meeting every day for months to discuss our areas, teams and deliveries. The proposal was to create connections and this happened naturally during the event. It was an incredible and relaxed experience."

Juliana Frigo
Cell Agile, IT Manager, Riachuelo
Depoimento de Silvana Bahia sobre o Blend Inspire

"It was one of the most interesting events that I participated in this forty-yeas period. First because I had never seen such a lively team, even facing new challenges in this pandemic context. Second, because the experience of the event with different activations, provided a sense of presence, even while online. Long live Blend and all the initiatives that you carry out."

Silvana Bahia
Pretalab NGO

About Us

Blend Inspire emerged motivated by the lack of connection between people and causes and its mission is to connect these two ends: large companies that need to spread their purpose, adding value to their brand, putting light and giving a voice to people who are making a difference in society with their social projects.

We are a creative powerhouse.

We help companies to position themselves in this new era of responsible capitalism 5.0, building innovative social responsibility policies. We created Taylor-made content that generates connections that would never have happened in real life. We use social causes as social glue inside and outside organizations.

Whoever includes the theme of social causes in their brand DNA, can only win:

To develop relevant projects and create lasting change, companies need to take measures that increase performance and inspire their employees.

The more brands position themselves socially, the more they gain respect and admiration from consumers.

We develop actions to strengthen the relationship between brands and people. We create experiences so that brands, causes and artists can build together impactful actions and solutions from a 360º perspective. Philanthropy can (and should!) be much more than signing a check.

Collaborators are people, and people want to feel that they belong to the place they work! What have you been doing to create diverse and engaged teams?

"We were inspired by the best parties that took place in Paris, in the late 90s, where everything happened in the kitchen of the apartments. We had an extraordinary mix (blend) of eccentrics, intellectuals from all social classes where the criterion of hype was to bring a vision of positive change for society."

Nadia Léauté
Founder of Blend Inspire

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Add culture, art and social causes in your company's activities or personal project curated by “Blend”.

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